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China Teaching Jobs – Offering Lifetime Break to Accentuate your Professional Career

Do you want to carve out a career in English teaching? If yes, then would you mind if you get a teaching job in China? Of course not! At Working Vacations in China, we help a number of enthusiasts like you to fulfill their dream and ensure a spruced up professional career abroad.


Why look for English teaching jobs in China?

As compared to other countries, the fondness of learning English in China is on a high. The schools, colleges, universities hence are on a searching spree for good teachers from around the world. This makes for a noteworthy opportunity for you to apply, interview and get visa to China for a teaching job in China. The chance to work in a foreign country helps one leverage a slew of benefits and with China, the perks are even bigger and better:

  • Monthly salary 10,000 – 30,000 RMB ($1,500 - $4,500 approx.)
  • Coverage for health and housing
  • Contract completion bonus
  • Free flight and pickup facility 
  • Opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of China
  • Chance to learn Mandarin and use it to mingle with the native people


Is it necessary to learn Chinese to work there?

You need not to be fluent in the Standard Mandarin Language, if you are aspiring to work in this country. A little bit of knowledge could help you with sound communication. Here are few commonly used Chinese words that you can try out:

  • Hello (How are you?) – Ni  hao
  • Good morning - Zaoshanghao
  • Good afternoon -   Xia wuhao
  • Good evening - Wan shanghao
  • Good night - Wanan
  • Good-bye - Zaijian..
  • Excuse me  (I'm sorry.) - Dui   bu   qi
  • My name is ____. - Wojiao   _____.
  • Thank you. – Xiexie

Approach us today

If you have decided to apply for teaching jobs in China by now, your next big step should be to call us. We will assist you in each of your efforts, from searching, to applying, interviewing, to document obligations and more. Getting a hold of a teaching job in China is once in a lifetime break, so make sure you don’t miss it. Contact us today to apply for China teaching jobs.