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How we help you to apply for teaching English in China in Six Steps

The practice of learning English is swiftly becoming an unstoppable craze all over the world, with China being among the frontrunners to embrace this language. This Asian country, with the highest population in the world is equally progressive in terms of its’ economy as well. Notably, English has a major say in this reform.

The citizens here, who had been communicating in Standard Mandarin Chinese since long ago, are turning their heads toward English for better growth prospects. Consequently, the demand for professionals to teach English in China has increased heavily in the recent years.


Applying for teaching in China

Sensing the gravity of this welcoming opportunity, we provide you with a capable platform to work in China. Teaching English could enable you get high remunerations, and if it is in China, you can gain even more of an edge over your local counterparts. Hence, in the wake of finding and applying for teaching in China, you can pursue the following approach:

  1. Call us to begin your search: Our expert advisors will assist you in abiding by your ambition for teaching English in China. Besides, you can also get detailed information on TEFL certification with us.
  2. Join TEFL Classes: If you don’t have TEFL certification (min. of 120 hour) yet, you should work to obtain it immediately. It empowers you with a recognized qualification that the Chinese institutes consider while hiring professionals for English teaching in China.
  3. Prepare for Job search: We connect you with recruiters and make you aware of work teaching English in China and many other subjects.
  4. Apply for teaching: You can apply and interview for teaching English in China right from your home, through Skype or phone. A wise move would be to start applying right after you start your TEF classes. We can also arrange and help you to prepare for interviews
  5. Sign your contract: Once you are through, your new employer will require you to sign a contract and file documents to get visa. The institute will also arrange for your flights or let you know when you should arrive. As for documents, we are here to assist you do the necessary arrangements.
  6. Start to teach English in China: After you are through to all the formalities, you are all set to work in China as an English teacher.  

Don’t waste time! Start pursuing your dream today. We are always here to help you fulfill your aspirations of teaching English in China.