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Living In China

In 2016, China’s population stood at just over 1.3 billion - 19 per cent of the world’s total. No surprise then when we tell you that anyone interested in living and working there can find endless opportunities. Its communist government can be hard to swallow but ignore that and focus on its gigantic economy, fabulous culture and cuisine, and fascinating opportunities to travel and explore. With its hugely diverse climate and geography, massive wealth and alarming poverty, and its 7,000-year history, China is an unrivalled life experience for anyone.

Teachers can look forward to enjoying a good lifestyle. China’s cost of living is comparatively low and teacher salaries are significantly higher than the average local salary. Most employers provide furnished accommodation (sometimes even utilities),so you can save money as well.

But it’s important always to be aware of and respect China’s laws and customs. The control apparatus is considered more extensive and more advanced than in any other country in the world. Be smart by avoiding political discussion or criticizing anything about the Chinese, and be especially careful of the police. You’ll be just fine if you conduct yourself professionally and cordially.


We advise you to take some time to research every aspect of life in China: living in really big cities (e.g., Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou); renting apartments; social life; language; healthcare; food and beverages; shopping; public transport; communication, etc.


Staying in Touch

The Chinese government has banned access to social media – your best bet is to use free-of-charge proxy software that allows access to Facebook, Skype, etc.

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Getting around

Driving is not advised - it can be a nightmare. The best means of transport are the underground or light rail, or just take a taxi or ride a bicycle. They’re all cheap and efficient. There’s also the high-speed bullet train network, the most heavily used in the world.


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