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We assist you in becoming an English teacher in China!

For all those who take teaching as their passion, China is more than the land of opportunities. Within this country in Asia where a majority of the population communicates in Mandarin Chinese, the fondness of English is also catching on at a rapid pace. In taking this opportunity and using it for your utmost advantage, we help you to apply for multiple vacancies to be an English teacher in China.


The rising demand in China English teachers

The love for English erupted all across China since the end of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ in 1979. At present, the number of English speaking Chinese has crossed the 200 million mark, and still counting. Fluency in English helps the native people to gain an enhanced professional life, the chance to work with MNCs, and in several other productive endeavors. Not surprisingly, English has become an inseparable subject at different levels in varied academic institutions in China. Consequently, the country is witnessing a steep rise in the China English teacher recruitment drive across private language schools, public schools, international schools, reputed colleges and universities.


Advantages of becoming an English teacher in China

Here are some instant benefits of becoming a China English teacher of a host school 

  • Monthly salary between 10,000 – 20,000 RMB ($1,500 - $3,000 approx.), or may be more.
  • Free flights with airport pickup facility
  • Work visa to teach English in China legally
  • Health Cover  & housing alliance, subject to the conditions of respective institute
  • Bonus on completion of contract


How we can help you?

We are on hiring spree of teachers, learners, and young professionals who aspire to become English as Second Language (ESL) teacher in China. We share your resume with the top-notch education hubs in China and depending on your selection; invite you to kick-off your professional life in this beautiful country.  In addition, we:

  • Suggest you the location to teach English in China
  • Match your credentials with the vacancies at reputed schools all around China
  • Provide adequate information on requisite eligibility criterion and visa procedures
  • Take care of your contract to make sure it abides by the Chinese standard
  • Fix your interview with the concerned school or college