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About Us

Hello and welcome to Working Vacation in China.com

Over four years ago, needing to escape the pressures of the American business world, I decided to seek out an adventure. I came to China ? but I had no job. So I took a chance on teaching English and soon it became the most rewarding experience of my life. I have taught at every level, from pre-school to university and even for the Chinese government in a state-owned training facility to prepare engineers for working abroad.

I wanted to help others find good work in China and so I established workingvactioninChina.com to apply my recruiting skills. I am based in Daqing in northeast China. I have a single aim: to change your life by giving you the opportunity of a fantastic adventure, a paid vacation rather than just a job.

Unlike the typical practice of farming out your résumé to recruiters in China for a fee,I am personally involved in the entire relocation process.Iguide you all the way:

  • Helping you to decide where to teach in China
  • Matching your credentials with positions at reputable schools nationwide
  • Giving full details about required qualifications and visa procedures
  • Reviewing your contract to ensure it matches the standard for China
  • Arranging your interview.
  • Assisting you with the complicated visa process and giving you honest and frank opinions on what to expect during your working vacation.

I will always be your strongest ally and, best of all, my services are free of charge ? I’m paid by the schools for finding them good employees.

Don't be intimidated by the unknown ?life is either a great adventure, or nothing.

I accept applications for teaching positions in China throughout the year. The Chinese school year starts on 1 September but I place teachers year-round.

Whether your adventure is for six months, a year or longer I will always be available to help you.

Thank you,

Christopher Griffin CEO/Owner WVIC, Inc.